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About Us

Mission Statement

GCBA Mission is to promote the home building, development and remodeling industry in Palm Beach and northern Broward Counties.  To accomplish its mission, GCBA provides exceptional service to our members through strategic planning, governmental affairs, education, and sales and marketing, while fostering business relationships wherein our members work with other members.  Through the GCBA, membership works collectively to ensure the continued success of our industry.  It is our membership that cultivates the energy and passion to support our collective goal - providing our friends and families the best possible place to call home.

Corporate Values

GCBA operates with the highest standards of integrity, accountability, and innovation in all relationships with members, industry and community. GCBA nurtures a climate which encourages empowerment and diligence amongst members and staff.


The Gold Coast Builders Association (GCBA) is The VOICE of the Construction Industry. Together We Ensure Competitiveness and Growth of the Construction Industry in Florida.