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Welcome to the Gold Coast Builders Association!

The Gold Coast Builders Association (GCBA) was established in 1986. GCBA is a dedicated South Florida builders association with a reputation of excelling in Palm Beach Governmental affairs. GCBA members are dedicated to fulfilling the “American Dream” of affordable home ownership for everyone.

PRISM stands for Professional Recognition In Sales and Marketing. Awards are presented to builders, developers, architects, marketing professionals, planners, interior designers, landscape architects, sales people and others who have demonstrated excellence in all facets of the building industry throughout South Florida. The 2020 winners will be selected from among the categories entered by a panel of industry experts and honored at the 2020 GCBA's PRISM Awards Event.

About Us

GCBA provides exceptional service to our members through strategic planning, governmental affairs, education, and sales and marketing, while fostering business relationships wherein our members work with other members.


Gold Coast Builders Association has multiple purposes….our primary purpose is to lobby for suitable Government Regulations which will create a better climate for the building industry. Three memberships in one!

Governmental Affairs

As a member-driven organization, one of the valuable resources the GCBA provides is representation in government at the federal, state, and municipal levels. This is accomplished through the GCBA Governmental Affairs Committee, a critical and core function of GCBA.